Turn your career around

Is your career stuck? Are you relying on credit cards or payday loans because you seem mired in a low-paying job? There are ways to get on the career fast track:

Get added education. Even if you have lots of training, added classes or courses expand your skills set, qualify you for a wider range of jobs, and freshen up your skills and resumes.

Volunteer. Volunteering in your industry is a great way to get letters of recommendation, new experience, and a peek at other career and job options.

Develop a personal career plan. Develop a detailed plan for increasing your income and getting the job of your dreams. Create a mission statement, polish your resume, brainstorm ways you can get your ideal job, create a plan of action, and create a marketing plan for ensuring that employers see your worth – whatever it takes to make your career work.

Get career counseling. A career counselor can help you go over your career plan and resume and offer valuable tips on getting your ideal job.

Don’t link income and job too closely. Look beyond your job when looking for ways to boost your income. Consider creating a passive income in some way so that you are free to pursue your ideal work while still making more cash.

Start job hunting. Contact people you know, use social networking, sign up with recruiters and attend industry events to get your foot in the door.…

Simplicity isn’t just a way to enjoy a relaxed zen-like existence

Simplifying your life can also have a great impact on your expenses in a number of ways:

1) Cut out distractions. Watching TV for hours or filling up every minute with social distractions is a problem, since it means less time for career planning, work, and planning your finances. When you cut out distractions, you have the time and space to see what really matters.

2) Cut out unneeded expenses. Distractions are often costly. All the stuff we buy and do that lead to a cluttered life in the first place don’t just drain our energy – they drain our pocketbooks. By leading a simpler life – cutting back the magazine subscriptions, fancy cable package, added events – we spend less.

3) Focus. When our lives are not so full, it’s easier to focus on our jobs, finances, and other areas of our life that need attention. When we’re not running from place to place, we can focus on paying back those personal loans, building up that emergency fund and being generally kinder to ourselves.…