Your job is likely the place where you make the majority of your income. Increasing the amount you are paid can help you reach your goals, can help you build up that emergency fund, and can help you pay off more personal loans. There are several ways you can increase your income through a raise. Start thinking what you can contribute. Before you approach your boss for a raise, consider ways you can contribute more to your job. What tasks and responsibilities can you take on? How can you go above and beyond the call of duty? Are there skills you could develop to make you better at your job?

Contribute more than you expect to give back. Once you have some ideas of ways to contribute, don’t fall into the trap of putting a dollar value on every contribution. Just because you have set up for the weekly meeting three weeks in a row does not mean you are owed a wage. Instead, focus on becoming the best employee you can be in every way. Market yourself. Make sure that you take credit for your ideas and contributions. Let your employer know about your new job training, your new initiatives, and new contributions. Don’t brag or overdo it, but market yourself so that your company knows you are invaluable – and worth extra cash.