In the late spring and summer, many people choose to move. Families are trying to move before the school season starts up again in the fall and many college students are moving away from campus now that most exams and courses are winding down. Moving can be a huge expense. Moving house can easily cost anywhere from a few thousand dollars to well over $10 000 to move a family. Moving costs depend on how many things you have and how far you have to go. There are many ways to slash your moving expenses, however:

Weed out everything you don’t need. Most movers evaluate your moving costs based on weight. Therefore, taking old furniture that you plan to get rid of anyway might increase your costs significantly. You can slash moving expenses by getting rid of as much stuff as possible as you pack. Put your stuff aside for a yard sale or sell through online classified ads – all the money you make you can put towards movers.

Consider storage. If you are not moving permanently, consider putting your stuff in storage to do away with moving costs entirely. This is an especially good option for students who will return to the same spot for school in a few months.

Do not borrow to pay for your moving costs and new apartment costs unless you need to. Credit cards, payday loans, and other unsecured loans will only add to your total costs. Budget carefully, as you will likely have to pay a security deposit on your new home as well as moving costs.

Do it yourself. Renting your own truck and getting a few friends to help you move can save you thousands. Just make sure you adequately thank your friends with a nice dinner or a night on the town.

Save on packing materials. Look for inexpensive or free boxes at your grocery or beer stores. These stores sometimes give away boxes for free. Call around to find a business willing to give you boxes at no cost. Boxes alone can add up to hundreds of dollars if you have lots of stuff.

Schedule your move during the off-season. Moving during peak season can be expensive due to high demand. If possible, schedule your move during the fall or winter when rates are lower.

Get multiple quotes from moving companies. Shop around for the best deal and don’t be afraid to negotiate. Some companies may offer discounts or special promotions.

Use your own blankets and towels for padding. Instead of buying expensive packing materials, use your own soft items to protect your belongings during transport.

Label your boxes carefully. Properly labeling your boxes can save you time and money. This way, you won’t have to open every box to find what you need when you arrive at your new home.

By following these tips, you can significantly reduce the costs of moving. Planning ahead, decluttering, and doing some of the work yourself can help you save money and make the moving process less stressful.